The Significant Difference Between Black And White Magic

Between black and white magic – what would you choose?

This is one of the salient questions that many spell seekers often ask. In my many years of experience, I have heard many spell seekers who say that black magic “bends the will” of the target and that white magic is better. I would like to make it very clear that magic is not about bad intentions. Magic is done for good will and there is nothing like it being bad. You should also remember that what is good for one person may not be good to another. In China, people eat dog meat. But that can’t happen in many places around the world. One man’s delicacy is actually another man ’s poison. Why should you care if what is a delicacy to you is poisonous to another? Eat it; because it won’t harm. If the other can avoid it, let it be so!

What is the difference between black and white magic?

The difference between black and white magic is just one: Black magic is more powerful than white magic. Anyone can attest to that. Ask yourself why some white men or people who doubt witchcraft tend to cower when someone talks about black magic. It is because a black magic spell carries with its powers that no white magic spell has. Black magic is also quicker and more effective when compared to white magic. The difference lies in the choice and purpose. If your intention is to approach a situation with calmness, then you can cast white magic spells. However, if you would like to be as candid as Candida; black magic is the way to go.

Between black and white magic – which one is the best?

If that is one of the questions you have been asking, I want to assure you that black magic is the best. My candle magic spells, black magic free spells, black magic love spells that work, black magic love spells that work fast and voodoo love spells and voodoo magic will never let you down. Whether you are looking for a wife, want money, popularity, influence, power, wealth and success in any form; you need to cast a black magic spell. White magic is very mild and takes time. However, you can also have a combination of both white and black magic, especially if you are fainthearted.

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