Story Behind Nana Kwaku Bonsam’s Facial Scars

The Story Behind Nana Kwaku Bonsam’s Facial Scars and Plastic Surgery

Have you asked yourself what the cause of the Dr. Nana Kwaku Bonsam burns on the face could have been?

Well, here is the real story. 27 years ago, to be precise – in 1992; when Dr. Nana Kwaku Bonsam was still a teenager, the boy accidentally walked into an open gas line with a burning lantern in his hands. The lantern that he was carrying triggered a flame which later on culminated into an explosion. Dr. Nana almost died. When he came out of the hospital, his whole torso and face were covered with burn scars.

Only a plastic surgery could remove these Kwaku Bonsam burns

After many years of service as a spiritual healer, fetishist and witchdoctor; Dr. Nana Kwaku Bonsam realized how important it was to give his face a new look. The dreaded priest traveled to New York in 2013 and hired a plush apartment in the Bronx in New York. Here, he procured the services of a plastic surgeon in order to have the defects caused by the gas inferno on his face corrected. With this, the Kwaku Bonsam burns and scars were almost totally removed.

Today, he looks better and has promised his supporters more magic

Stephen Osei Mensah has come back to the world of magic and fetishism with a bang! He not only looks good but has also promised spiritual thrillers for his fans around the world. In his recent press conference, he said that people shouldn’t think that his goings to New York meant he was about to abandon spiritualism and opt for greener pastures in the Obama Land. “I always go there for businesses, but I will never relocate to the United States,” the celebrated witchdoctor who no longer had the Kwaku Bonsam burns said.

The war for spiritual supremacy is now raging on

One thing why pastors hate Dr. Nana is because he is more powerful than they are. In addition, he has often revealed that he had helped many of them to obtain spiritual powers by selling fetishes to them. So, the bad blood understandable – the battle for supremacy. Recently, Kofi Kofi priest warned all the Ghanaian pastors to stop profaning his name or risk being exposed. No one knows his next step, but he has often delivered to his promises. The Kwaku Bonsam burns are gone and a new, handsome face has been ushered into the spiritual arena.

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