Powerful White Magic Garlic Love Spells

Powerful White Magic Garlic Love Spells

Scientifically, garlic is of great importance in the area of health since it provides benefits to the arteries and improves blood flow. It is also a food, which apart from seasoning meals, helps dilute fat in the veins, helps calm the nerves, improves metabolism and is believed to help improve sexual activity.

It is due to all these properties attributed to garlic that throughout history many ancient cultures came to regard it as a sacred plant and was used in many white magic love spells.

Garlic is a silver from the kingdom of vegetables

It has accompanied humanity for almost five thousand years. It is believed that the Chinese were among the first to cultivate it, but other historians say it was the Egyptians, since according to some records, people who helped with the construction of the pyramids received part of their payment in garlic.

Moreover, there is an ancient story that relates that the use of garlic was so indispensable in Egypt that the Cheops pyramid suffered delays in its construction due to a shortage of garlic and that its construction was not resumed until the garlic supplies returned to their normal levels.

It is because of its magical magnetism that garlic is used in white magic love spells

Priests, sorcerers and shamans of many cultures have discovered its supernatural power: magical magnetism. In fact in ancient Rome it was part of the ritual to consume garlic before the battle since, in their belief, this wonderful plant helped them to achieve victory. In addition, in many other cultures, garlic is included in funeral rituals, which is why there are those who link their magical powers to death. Because of this there are some sorcerers who use it in performing white magic love spells to bind and strengthen love.

Powerful Garlic Love Spells for luck and love

In the field of White Magic, garlic is considered to be an element that attracts good luck, which is why it is widely used in white magic Love Spells with Garlic. For these spells, it is customary to turn garlic cloves into powerful talismans, which can be taken everywhere, and whose sole intention is to improve love situations in your favor.

In fact, one way to use it in white magic love spells with garlic is simply to conjure it and wear it attached to your underwear when you are next to the person you love or care about.

Do you want him to reciprocate your love? Use this spell

As I imagine you should know, not all love relationships enjoy reciprocation of love feelings in the same way. There are those who “surrender” completely and give everything for the person they love, and there are others who do not even change themselves. Other times infidelities and betrayals occur that deeply hurt trust and love in the relationship. It is precisely in these cases that it is vital to help and protect love using the most effective white magic love spells with garlic. Here are some of them:


On this occasion, you will not use garlic as a food but it will be your ally to help you reconcile with your sweetheart. To perform this white magic love spell, use the following procedure. Get a red pen and use it for writing the name of the person you love on the garlic bulb.

When you have finished doing the above, get a pin and stick it in the garlic and stick three more pins completely horizontally and three more vertically. With this you will be forming three crosses in the garlic. Bury the garlic somewhere in your house or in a pot. Check it frequently to see if garlic begins to take root.

If this happens, it means that the love spell took effect and very soon the person you are interested in will begin to notice you, think about you and eventually look for you in despair. This white magic spell is irreversible so it should not be cast because you are operating under impulse. Instead, you should use it in case of extreme need and when you are absolutely sure of what you are doing and that the person you are interested in is the one you want to be with for the rest of your life.


This is a very powerful white magic love spell, so before doing it you must be very honest with yourself and your good intentions to make the person you are interested to fall in love with yield immediately. For this white magic spell to be more effective, you must do it on a full moon Friday.

To start with this ritual you must get the following materials:

  • Seven cloves of garlic, these should be the same head of garlic and of a similar size.
  • A red ribbon.
  • A photograph of the person you love

The Process

  1. First of all, you will have to leave all these materials all night under the moonlight to purify yourself and be charged with energy.
  2. The next day, as soon as the sun begins to rise, you must wrap the garlic with the red ribbon, while you do it, you must transmit to garlic all the thoughts and emotions that you have for the person you are interested in.
  3. Try to visualize all the moments you would like to live next to him.
  4. Once you finish wrapping it completely, you must bury it in your garden or in a pot.
  5. You must keep the photo of the person with you and always carry it in your clothes as a talisman.
  6. Remember that the photo is an energy receiver and garlic is also a channeler and a combination of these two forces will
Garlic as a symbolism of the god Hermes

Garlic is a symbol of the god Hermes, messenger of the gods, so it is considered an amplifier of signals to the universe.

This spell is simple but you must do it when you are alone, since the presence of another person can convey the wrong or distorted message and even attract the wrong person. you should also remember that during the casting of most love spells using garlic, the element of fire is used.

Once you have known all the supernatural and magical properties of garlic, I invite you to be encouraged and try these powerful white magic love spells with garlic. Remember that for something to be projected on the earthly plane, you must first specify it in the spiritual plane, so you already know how to communicate through garlic and see how your love life improves.

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