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Projectional Magic In Spells Casting

This may or may not be the first time you are hearing about “projectional magic”. If you had met this concept some time back, but never understood or got the right explanation about it, today I am going to divulge the subject before you. I hope that this post will shed more light on this subject. Many people already practice projectional magic when they are asleep. Others do it when they are fully conscious. So, what is projectional magic and how is it used in spells casting?

It is one way through which anyone can manipulate internal energy

In projectional magic, the person involved in it usually manipulates energy through projecting consciousness at the astral level. Others refer to it as the “unfolding” of energy. No matter what name it is called, the practice remains the same in the world of spells casting. The technique was used thousands of years ago by King Solomon and biblical records can attest to that. Here’s a quotation from Ecclesiastes 12: 6, 7:

“Before the silver thread is broken and the golden cup is broken, and the pitcher is broken by the fountain, and it is broken.” break the wheel by the well … and the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it. ”

These are secrets that only initiates and active members in spells casting know

Anyone reading this beautiful passage from Ecclesiastes, which we now use as inspiration, cannot doubt that the son of David was fully aware of the secrets that only the initiates carried. However, time has obliterated many of his writings towards high initiation, both from him and from many writers of the past, one of whom gratitude does not allow us to forget, for leaving in the world the marks of his great spiritual initiation and whose name we pronounce reverently: Apollonius of Tyana.

In projectional magic, we believe in the existence of another extension of life

Solomon was well aware that life goes on after the grave and still describes the bodies, or some of them, in an extraordinary way. He knew that when death occurred, something broke between the two bodies, which the Doctrine of the Spirits called the fluidic cord and which he wisely called a silver thread. In fact, that name is very accurate, and occultists, ancient and modern, also call it that. It actually looks like shiny silver strands connecting the heads of the physical and the double. Solomon was an initiated king.

This silver thread is what keeps the astral body attached to the physical body as it leaves the body.

Being the Initiate out of the physical body, he can act on the astral plane and therefore magician another person. For this reason, people who practice spells casting ask for other people’s photographs as it is one way through which the destinies of two people can be bound in the astral plane. The spells caster or magician shapes this wish in the astral and with the support of the beings in the spiritual realm, that bond or union can culminate into fruition immediately after the spells casting activity has been done.

These are things that only connoisseurs in the world of spells casting can do

Spells casters have the ability to manipulate energies through projectional magic – an act that only initiates can perform. Astral projection is the act of leaving the physical body – a phenomenon which is also sometimes known as astral travel. The incarnates leave the physical bodies at rest and go out in various activities in the astral. In doing so, they can do wonders in spells casting and make your dreams come true. If you are interested in knowing more about projectional magic or want a spells casting service, get in touch with me now.

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