The Tools That You Require Before Starting To Make Love Spells

The Tools That You Require Before Starting To Make Love Spells

Spells casting, just like any other activity, can only be effectively done with the right tools and equipment. For this reason, I am going to talk about the sets of tools that anyone who wants to cast free love spells – done at home; can use to achieve their purpose. Before you start working with Magic, you will need a set of tools that can help you channel and direct our energies. These tools will always represent the god or the goddess, the Elements and your intentions. Let’s look at each of them to learn what they represent and how they are used.

The first most useful tool for casting free love spells is the altar

In free love spells casting, an altar is a very necessary tool. This altar can be a table or flat surface that will serve as a center of energy and magic. Often, it is the focal point of a spell or ritual, since it is where most of the ritual actions and magical works are performed. Some people like to have a permanent altar, as well as an altar for spells. A permanent altar would exist as a reminder of your spirituality and as a center of devotion for your deities or your art, whose decoration and arrangement of its elements usually remain the same or change infrequently. An altar for casting free love spells will change much more frequently, since you will use different arrangements for different rituals. Use your altar however as you prefer and as you feel more comfortable. Decorate it with things that are important to you and that make it your own.

Secondly, you will need a knife or dagger for these free love spells

This dagger or knife should not be used to physically cut things. Conventionally, it must have a black handle and be double-edged. This tool is used to direct energy during the free love spells casting process. It is a projective tool that, within the system of classical elements, represents the Air, or in some traditions, the Fire. You will only use it to draw your magic circle before beginning each ritual.

The other requirement is the bell.

The bell is a very spiritual instrument that is rang to invoke positive energies, to call spirits or deities, or to mark the beginning or end of the different parts of any of your free love spells. Its sound is very sacred and therefore useful in creating a ritual state of mind. Jingle bells can be used in the same way.

The broom

A ritual broom is one that has been traditionally made with birch and willow branches. It is a protection tool that is used for spiritual and magical cleansing and sweeping the negativity away. The broom is necessary only to lightly sweep the floor, or even without touching it. The most important thing is to visualize clearly. I recommend you try these visualization techniques to work with Magic. Imagine the negativity and the energies that distract you, being swept out.
Boiler or cauldron

This is not a big pot full of bubbling liquid that comes to mind. In contemporary witchcraft, the cauldron is a vessel in which transformation and change take place. It can be filled with water and contemplated during divination, or filled with flowers or some other items related to the practice you are doing. If you have a heat-resistant container, you can use it to make fire and burn papers, herbs, etc. The boilers come in many different sizes, but the ones that are usually used in free love spells casting are small. They are traditionally made of iron, with three legs and an edge that is slightly smaller than the widest part. They are rarely used to make potions.

The chalice

The chalice is a cup with a stem that is used to keep fluids during free love spells casting. Often, they simply contain water, which is normally present on the altar. It can be made of silver, brass, crystal, stone, ceramics, any material. It is a representative receptive tool of Water.

The magic wand

The wand, like a dagger, is used to direct energy. It is usually made of wood and can be decorated or inscribed with symbols. It is a projective tool that represents Fire, although some consider it to be an Air tool.

Other materials

These useful materials are very often part of the free love spells, sometimes even more than the more formal tools. If you would like to get a comprehensive list of those tools that you may need in free love spells casting at home, get in touch with me today.

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