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Types Of Magic Spells In The World Of Witchcraft

What are magic spells? How can they help a person? The word “magic” is one of those that have been often misconstrued and misunderstood by many people across the world. Many human beings associate it with evil and others think it is deceitful. However, good or bad; what you have to know is that magic spells have existed from the beginning of time.

In Africa, for example, these spells have often been used in rain making, dominating over enemies and as a means of exercising control over another person. In Egypt, records have it that magic spells were mostly used in attracting love, ensuring family stability and protection of an individual in case of danger.

So, why do some people don’t have faith in magic spells?

The lack of faith in magic spells has often been associated with the increasing advancement in science and technology. People think that science is the only power that rules over the world. They have lost faith in the existence of the supernatural and spiritual beings, thinking that anything supernatural doesn’t exist. However, one thing that we must all know is that whether you believe in spirituality and spiritualism or not, it doesn’t rule out the fact that SUPERNATURAL BEINGS EXIST. It is only the method of invoking them that is different. Christians pray to God. Wiccans worship nature. Muslims pray to Allah. Voodoo believers offer sacrifices to the voodoo deities and believers in black magic perform rituals to invoke spirits from the spiritual real while making their magic spells.

Are magic spells evil?

Well, this is one of the most contentious issues in magic. Magic spells, in my view as an adroit practitioner of magic, are neither evil nor bad. What determines the badness in application of magic lies with the intention of the magic practitioner.

For example, if you have an enemy that is threatening to take away your life; you can neutralize them using magic spells and thereby remain safe. That may be bad in a sense that you have decapitated someone’s negative energy against you. However, you will attain peace and maximum protection afterwards.

Think of this: you have a person you deeply have love feelings for. No matter how hard you have tried to make this person know that you love him or her, he or she seems not to realize it. Will you sit down because you fear “breaking someone’s will”, yet by using magic spells, you can attract the love of that person? In conclusion therefore, it is the intention of the user of magic spells that is bad. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with magic is you approach it with positivity.

So, what are the types of magic spells that anyone can use?

In the first tier of magic spells are spells that are referred to as invocation spells. These spells are the most difficult to perform, the most dangerous, but also the most powerful. These are mainly invocations made by Initiated individuals and have to do with calling specific Cosmic Powers. The ritual always takes place in a magical circle of protection. The magic spells of ritual magic are aimed at the power of that particular Spirit and not the forces that the universe offers. They are usually done to produce forces for very powerful and exceptional results.

The second tier of magic spells are called Universal Spells.

These magic spells invoke more general forms of spirits and are therefore completely harmless but with strong results. They are suitable for people who have some basic knowledge of the subject of magic spells.

The Universal Spells always have Secret Symbols designed to give Commandments to the Cosmic Powers and Words of Power and Desire to unlock the power of the Universe in order to achieve your goal. When doing these magic spells, you never have to go into a protection cycle because, as mentioned above, it is completely safe when you do not invoke any particular spirit. They are the strongest magic spells available for love, money, protection, magic, and more. Their power is very great, perhaps the same as the first level, since they help in the attainment of the same result through a different path.

Finally, the third tier of magic spells are Prayer Spells

These magic spells are accomplished through prayers. They are generally improvised spells, as you can put (if you know) several touches and make them more personal. You will find them in several books, but they usually need a lot of improvement because they are not complete. Prayer magic spells are suitable for beginners because you do not need to know anything about the subject of magic spells before casting any of them.

They are strong enough and if done correctly, you can achieve your goals through them. However, since they work at different rates, it may take a little longer for them to act. On the other hand, prayer magic spells can be more powerful when they are customised with some voodoo spell in it. For example, if a wax doll is used and the prayer is directed to the voodoo deities or the Loas, these powerful spirits will descend and the magic spells will accomplish their intentions immediately.

Can a spirit appear or occur when magic spells are being cast?

This is one of the most common questions that beginners in the world of magic often ask. It concerns the likelihood of a spirit occurring at the time the spell is being made and how magic spells are. The correct answer is that sorcerers, witches, voodoo priests and spells casters spend endless hours communicating in spirit.

So, when he does not invoke a particular spirit and if he does not persistently and repeatedly communicate with these spirits, then there is NO chance that he will be able to be in contact with them. However, when this contact is established, the spirit or force will not physically appear. Their powers will be channeled through the magic spells caster who, in turn, will redirect these forces to the problem that is haunting you.

Can a person get hurt through practicing magic spells?

Second and third tier magic spells are completely harmless as long as you do not invoke a particular spirit while casting them.

If one wants to be 1000% sure, then you should use charcoal to create the protection cycle.

Charcoal is the strongest material between us and any form of spirit. Finally, if you create a circle and throw salt around it, then you have a strong protective shield. However, this is not always necessary.

Here are the magic spells’ laws that you should never forget

These three laws should not be overlooked by anyone attempting to cast magic spells. The word spell is synonymous with the word Magic.

  • Spells without faith and devotion are not possible.
  • There are no magic spells without rules. This means you must endeavour to follow all the stipulated rules to the dot before casting the spell.
  • You must always have a clean mind and intention before casting any magic spells.
How to prepare for any spell

When you prepare adequately before casting any magic spells, then it is likely that you will achieve more using that spell. Preparing for a spell is, of course, what you must do before you get started, because otherwise it is like sending someone to war straight from their home without first showing them how to use a weapon. There are many magic spells instructions that you can find on my site.

Read them carefully and understand exactly what to do and when. Have some energy in advance, as you will then need to make it fully available to achieve your goal. Even the strongest spells that are made without any plan and proper preparation will not have successful results. For that reason, you should understand in depth and clearly what you want and what the magic spells require you to do in order for them to be SUCCESSFUL. If you still have any questions regarding the subject of magic spells, please feel free to contact me.

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